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Refrigerant Recovery

Refrigerant Recovery is the process of safely extracting harmful refrigerant gases from HVAC systems. The challenge lies in ensuring proper disposal to prevent environmental damage, as improper handling can contribute to ozone depletion and global warming.

Fire Suppression Gas

Fire Suppression Gas
Fire Suppression Gas is a solution used to extinguish fires in data centers without causing harm to electronic equipment. However, its disposal poses a challenge as improper handling can lead to environmental harm, necessitating responsible recycling techniques.


Batteries power our world, providing essential energy to devices and machinery. However, their disposal poses significant environmental challenges. Proper handling is crucial to prevent harmful substances from polluting our ecosystems. This is a complex task that requires expert management.

Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression Gas
Fire Suppression systems are vital for safety in data centers, using various methods to extinguish fires. Their removal can be complex due to hazardous materials, intricate setup, and the need for careful handling to prevent environmental harm.

Raised Flooring

Raised Flooring
Raised floors are modular platforms installed above the actual floor, offering space for services like cabling and cooling. Removing them can be challenging due to the intricate network underneath and the need to avoid disruption to these critical systems.


Transformers are crucial power infrastructure devices, converting energy between circuits. Their removal is challenging due to their heavy weight, complex de-energizing process, and the need for safe disposal of oils and other materials in an environmentally-responsible manner.


Switchgear are essential power distribution equipment for controlling, protecting, and isolating electrical circuits. Their removal poses significant challenges due to size, complexity, and the need to ensure electrical safety and environmentally-conscious disposal.

UPS & PDU Units

UPS Unit
UPS & PDU units are vital components in data centers, ensuring constant power supply and distribution. Their removal poses challenges due to their heavy weight, delicate parts, and interconnected nature with the system. Properly de-installing them requires skilled personnel and careful planning.

CRAC Units

CRAC Units, or Computer Room Air Conditioning Units, are crucial for controlling the environment in data centers. Their removal is challenging due to their size, weight, and potential for environmental harm if improperly decommissioned. The process requires specialized skills and meticulous planning.


Boilers are complex heating systems often integral to industrial operations. Removal poses challenges due to size, weight, intricate connections, and potential environmental hazards. Ensuring safe, efficient, and compliant decommissioning is vital.

Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers
Cooling Towers are heat rejection devices that expel waste heat to the atmosphere. Their removal poses challenges due to their massive size, complex structure, and hazardous materials. Coastal Power provides expert solutions, ensuring safe, efficient, and environmentally-responsible dismantling.


Chillers are complex cooling systems pivotal to data centers. Their size, weight, and integration with other systems make removal a formidable task. Successful dismantling requires expertise, proper equipment, and careful planning to minimize disruption and maximize asset recovery.

Generator Sets

Generator Sets
Generator Sets are self-contained power sources that combine engines with electrical generators. They’re key for backup power, but their heavy weight and complex connections make their removal a demanding task, requiring professional expertise and equipment.