Why choose us?

Coastal Power and its employees boast an impressive 30+ years of cumulative experience in asset liquidation, equipment removal, and data center decommissioning. Our experience and honest business practices have led to a strong network of customers and vendors alike, which in turn gives way to our buying power and ability to find unique avenues for liquidation that others may not be familiar with.

Unlike other dealers and buyers, we understand that the equipment is just one piece of the puzzle. We work with our customers every step of the way, aiming to determine where we best fit and how we can assist in the project goals as a whole. Our trained team develops detailed plans for our customers according to their desires and requirements. Furthermore, our wide interest in equipment enables us to provide market value returns on all equipment, preventing customers from searching for a buyer for each individual item. We refuse to leave clients without avenues for liquidation of their unwanted assets and materials, and therefore are always able to supply an offer for even the most undesirable equipment.

Beyond our buying power, we have nationwide resources, countless contracted vendors, and accomplished project managers to ensure every project deliverable is met on time. Through our detailed planning, technical knowledge, passion and experience, we make the process easy, gaining our customers’ loyalty as their trusted partner for all equipment change-outs, current and future.

Environmental responsibility

Coastal Power takes a multifaceted approach to ensuring that all equipment and materials we obtain and purchase from projects is handled in the most efficient way possible to minimize our carbon footprint. We are responsible and committed to environmental safety, guaranteeing that everything we work with is either resold, reused or recycled.


Our main objective for each item we purchase is to refurbish and resell. To do so, we inspect the equipment, replace specific items that are not to our standards, electrically and mechanically test, and finally make each item look pretty.


Outdated and undesirable equipment that is ambiguous on the used market is parted out, harvesting all we can from the machines. Control panels, compressors, fuses, breakers, inverters, and rectifiers are just a few examples of what we aim to pull from older machines that will not be refurbished and resold. After removing these items, we either use the parts in fixing and refurbishing other units, or we resell the parts individually.


Once we have collected all items to be reused, our team proceeds with breaking down what remains into their basic components to be recycled. All equipment that is recycled is dismantled under carefully monitored conditions in federally approved recycling facilities and each element is sent safely to its appropriate destination to become part of a new raw material or product.

Regardless of the method, everything we acquire will eventually have a second life. Contact us today to create a responsible, positive, profitable plan for your used assets.

Meet the Leadership

Tony Torres

Tony Torres

President and CEO

Since 2000, Tony has excelled in all aspects of the equipment and telecommunications industry. Early in his career, Tony specialized in purchasing telecommunications equipment directly from manufacturers, negotiating lead times, warranties, and terms, while overseeing the accounts payable team. Leveraging his experience and knowledge in dealing directly with equipment and telecom manufacturers, Tony observed a market shift and moved into the used and surplus equipment industry. Quickly advancing from positions like project manager and logistics coordinator, Tony became Vice President of Sales for another well-respected equipment dealer in the So-Cal area. Through this training and practice, Tony gained an exceptional insight to equipment sales, leadership, and customer development. Squeezing all he could out of this experience, Tony ventured out to begin Coastal Power Incorporated in 2010, specializing in the purchase and sales of used and surplus generators. Since then, Tony has worked to expand the company and its capabilities, now serving as one of the nation’s primary used equipment buyers, with loyal customers worldwide.

Reid White

Reid White

Director of Business Development & Purchasing

Entering the industry as a Project Manager in 2014, Reid’s customers quickly benefited from his unparalleled work ethic and uncanny attention to detail on each individual project. Pairing these qualities with his unrivaled integrity and care, Reid swiflty became our Director of Business Development & Purchasing, where he has flourished. Engineering fresh marketing campaigns, hiring and training new talent, pioneering our rebranding, and overseeing the quality of service provided to customers has served Coastal Power’s success and progress toward becoming one of the nation’s premiere used equipment buyers. Reid leads his team by example, actively seeks means to better serving clients, and fully embodies our company values.

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