Waste Disposal & Remediation

Waste Disposal & Remediation

Coastal Power works throughout the United States with recyclers, smelters and re-sellers that use responsible recycling techniques to ensure that these wastes are disposed of correctly. We always provide our clients with a certificate of recycle, ensuring that all waste was disposed of correctly and that none of the product purchased was improperly disposed of. From removal off site through the recycle or reuse process, the equipment will be handled and transported according to local codes to ensure environmental and public safety.


Dispose of your batteries responsibly with confidence by teaming up with Coastal Power, knowing that your battery waste is handled according to the strictest standards required by law and safety. Our representatives are trained to safely remove used and old batteries. We make it easy for you, handling all logistics associated with the process, from de-installing the batteries, coordinating transportation, and recycling. As responsible stewards of the environment, we ensure that all batteries purchased and received by Coastal Power is properly reused or recycled within the United States.

Fire Suppression Gas

Coastal Power will safely and efficiently remove clean agents from any mission critical site. We make the process simple, providing the certified personnel to capture the clean agents on site, scheduling removal and pick up dates, coordinating freight, determining special truck needs, pallet requirements, and furnishing the placards and stickers required for hazardous goods pick up. Once received, we calculate the total weight of the tank(s) received, subtract the tare weight, and immediately remit payment for the agent received. This process is handled in a safe and environmentally friendly way, always aiming to repurpose good clean agents in the secondary market.

Halon is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) compound, which has been implicated in ozone-depletion, and therefore needs to be recycled or reused. Disposing of halon entirely is not only irresponsible, but expensive, and for good reason. Contact us today and our trained staff will determine the cost of removal and recovery values of the clean agent according to current market values.

Types of clean agents Coastal Power can decommission & purchase:

  • FM-200
  • Halon 1211
  • Halon 1301
  • Halon 2402
  • HCFC Blend B (Halotron)
  • HFC-23
  • HFC-125
  • HFC-227ea
  • HFC-236fa
  • HFC-125
  • NOVEC 1230

Refrigerant Recovery

Whether you are looking for someone who can recover, recycle, or reclaim your refrigerant, look no further. Coastal Power only contracts the best certified technicians to handle your recovery needs in accordance with Section 608 of the CAA. We utilize innovative equipment that minimizes the loss of Freon into the atmosphere, knowing that older Freon contains chlorofluorocarbons, which have been implicated in ozone-depletion. During the extraction process, refrigerant is cleaned using oil separation and multiple passes through core filter-driers, rejecting impurities, reducing moisture and overall acidity to ensure the purest form of refrigerant, abiding by ARI Standard 700-1993. Coastal Power ensures that our technicians will remove your refrigerant with the utmost care and the gas will be recycled or reused in the most environmental friendly manner.

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