Data Center Decommissioning

Data Center Decommissioning

Coastal Power provides complete equipment removal and environmentally-sensitive disposal of data center and mission critical equipment. Upon project assessment, our trained and experienced staff will begin appraising the value of the existing hardware onsite, enabling our clients to utilize their current infrastructure as a trade-in to help offset the purchase of new equipment. In cases where new equipment will not take place of the old, our team reconciles the value of the existing hardware with our labor costs, which enables us to deliver premium services at a fraction of the price. Many times, our competitive market-value offers for the equipment onsite completely offset the labor costs, enabling our team to provide decommissioning services for free, sometimes paying for the equipment in addition to providing removal. Our honest bidding process has led us to assisting many small and large corporations turn surplus, residual and outdated equipment into liquid assets, enhancing cash flow.

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